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Graduate studies in women's studies and/or LGBTQ studies
by Whitney (wwhittneyy)
at May 13th, 2012 (02:21 pm)

Hey everyone!
I'm currently researching graduate schools for the future. I'm looking for women's colleges in the U.S. that have Master's programs in women's studies. Also, women's colleges with graduate studies in queer theory or LGBTQ studies? The schools do not have to have both programs. I am just interested in seeing my options and receiving opinions and advice from others. Does anyone have any input on which schools are best?

Also, which schools are less conservative? My views are more in the leftist direction and I'm a lesbian, so a less conservative women's college would serve me best.

Thank you for any help you can offer me. 


Posted by: plungerdna (plungerdna)
Posted at: May 14th, 2012 12:35 am (UTC)

Don't really have an answer to this, but the previous post in this community has some comments that might be relevant. Good luck.

Posted by: Royal Montgomery (inkysaurus)
Posted at: May 14th, 2012 06:04 am (UTC)

Apparently if I have a URL in the comment it gets marked as spam. Anyway.

The only master's in Women's Studies I could find at a women's college was at Texas Woman's University. There is a list online of colleges that offer women's studies; some of them have graduate programs and those are noted. I am at a women's college for undergrad & would have loved to go to one for grad school, but none of the women's colleges have an MA/PhD in my area - so good luck! Maybe there is something on that list that I missed.

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