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That's WOMEN'S COLLEGE, you fool.

No girls or schools here!

Women's Colleges and Universities
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This is a community for discussion about women's colleges and education in general, especially (but not exclusively) within the United States. Women's institutions of all kinds — religious and secular, private and public, large and small, urban and rural — are represented, and each is treated equally.

Membership in this community is not limited to those currently attending women's colleges. Alumnae/i, prospective students, donors, parents and siblings, faculty and staff, and those who are simply interested in women's education are welcome. This community is sex-, orientation-, and gender-friendly.

Although this community is, by its very nature, pro-woman, it should not be considered "feminist" in the most political of senses. Topics like abortion, birth control, women in politics, gay marriage, and similar issues should not be discussed here unless the issue at hand is specifically related to women's colleges and education.

General guidelines

• Please put long articles and images behind lj-cut tags.

Prospective students are encouraged to ask for information about particular colleges and women's colleges in general, but this should not be used simply as a "stats-sharing" community. In other words, we don't know if you're going to be admitted, but we'd love to answer questions for you!

• It is not okay to make posts or comments and then delete them when challenged. It shows weakness and disrepect on your part, and it contributes to a negative environment. People doing this will be asked to leave until they are confident and respectful enough to contribute positively within the community.

• For the same reason, please do not disable comments on your posts.

• Please do not dramatically alter your font face or color in in posts or comments. Bolding, italicizing, underlining, centering, and other basic modifications are acceptable, but please do not change font face or color. You should also not give your text colored backgrounds.

• Please do not promote other communities unless they are specifically designed for students of particular women's colleges or women's colleges in general. If you want to promote a community that will only serve a small number of students at the college in question — for example, members of a club or residence hall — please do not post here. Use the college's main community for that purpose.

• Since this is not a political community, students and alums from the most liberal and secular of institutions are considered to be on equal footing with those from conservative, religious ones (and vice versa), and expects that they will be treated as such. Discourse about specific college policies and atmospheres is fine; flaming is not.

We use the tag system for easy archiving. Please feel free to tag your posts as you see fit!

Please contact the maintainer (Ashley) at beginning@lj with any questions, comments, or concerns.
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