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lala [userpic]
Chatham Alums?
by lala (ls56)
at January 10th, 2012 (08:27 pm)


The Rea Coffeehouse History Project is the labor of love of a core group of women who ran the all-ages music venue from 2000-2003 on the campus of Chatham University (then Chatham College) in Pittsburgh, PA.
The mission of the Rea Coffeehouse History Project is to document and collect decades of ephemera (flyers, set lists, photos, videos, stories) in a single archive to preserve the history of one of Pittsburgh's most vibrant grassroots entertainment venues.

Did your band play its first show at Rea? Do you still listen to mix tapes from a Rea Coffeehouse tape swapping party? Whether you have a stash of flyers in your attic or added some graffiti to the wall with a Sharpie, we want you to share your stories here[at the facebook page]!